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Closer Look of Juniper Bank

9a11a903486d8962Juniper Bank(now known as Barclays Bank Delaware) is a privately funded Net-only bank based on Wilmington, Delaware. They initially are a full service on-line bank, offering checking and savings accounts, online bill pay, credit and debit cards where they focus on providing a state of the art online banking service. British-based Barclays Bank PLC bought the Juniper Bank on 2004. In 2005, they became the fastest growing major credit card issuer in the US and later became one of the top 10 card issuers of both Visa and MasterCard accounts.

There have been many customer complaints to Juniper Bank like some troubles on their automated system, fail to post payments of their customer on time, raising of interest without prior notice, bad customer service and etc. Since all the transaction were online there are no physical branches to visit whenever there’s a problem that may occur. Card holders with any issues and problems could contact their customer service through phone, mails and emails but some were not satisfied with the service and others were dismayed with the slow response on their problem.

They offer convenience in dealing with credit cards since their transaction were online apparently the complaints against them were tremendous however not all customers share the same bad experience as what others have gone through, see it here. Sometimes we have to be aware of what we are into and be cautious enough before we seal a deal.


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