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Best Way in Gaining Customer’s Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is what any business and establishments were aiming for. It is where when the customer leave with a smile on their face and a contentment on their eyes. The question there is how can the consumers be satisfied on the product and service? That question is suppossedly the prime question any business should always consider but sometimes disregarded due to lots of things to consider in keeping up the business.

The following were some tips on gaining the customer satisfaction.

  • Keep promises. Never make false promises to your customers, surely you won’t want just a one time customer.

  • Be willing to help. Being approachable gives an impression to the customers that you are more than willing to help if they needed one.

  • Inspire confidence. Show to your customers that you are confident of your product enough to solve any issues and problems that may arise.

  • Treat customers as individual. Every customer has different point of issues, problems and thoughts about your product and service.

  • Make it easy for customer to do business with you.

  • Physical aspects of product or service should give favorable impression.

  • Listen with sincerity. Listening intently to what customers has to say means you are sincere in dealing with them.

  • Always be polite. A greetings, thank you and sorry tells them that they are appreciated and of importance to you.

  • Exceed customers expectation.

You can think of other tips while the business is on progress. Getting the suggestion and feedbacks of consumer are a great help to find out how to satisfy them through knowing their needs and concerns of about the products and service. It would keep them coming back to you and would keep giving life to your business.


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Treat the Customer Special

Customer complaints

When you are part of the Customer service department, we can’t avoid entertaining those difficult customers. They are customers that act arrogant when having complaints because they felt disappointed for the products or services they bought. We can’t avoid this situation it really happens.

As customer service agents don’t put your self down when you encounter this situation, it is just part of a job. Mostly the main reasons what the customer complaints about that they are feeling wrong and not satisfied to the products or services. If the customer approaches you personally and looks angry, do not show that you are not interested. It is a good idea that to treat him or her special and show that they are important.

Some of the customers are lack of understanding. For example the customers will going to have a complaint, and act they will act better than you but they don’t realize that they are wrong. The customers sometimes misinterpret situations but don’t act that you going to have a fight with him or her. Stay cool and smile! Treat them special. Let them explain for what they have experience wrong. Just say it is okay we understand.

Most of this situation happened. If ever you experience this situation be patience enough on them. Make the situation calm and explain understandable to them. Treat the customer’s special, so that they will impress and continue to support your products and services.

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