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How to Write Complaint Letter

writing complaint letterComplaint letters are usually written by an unsatisfied consumer to the either of the service and product of a certain business or company. In trying to resolve a complaint to a business, the first step is to discuss first your concerns to the representatives of the business and follow up with a letter confirming all the details of the conversation. Be sure to restate any assurances that is made at the time of the conversation.

In order to make an effective complaint letter, it should have a 5 features. Firstly, the letter should be precise which could be understand quickly. Then authoritative, should be well written, professionally presented with credibility and are taken seriously. Should be factual to enable reader to see immediately relevant details and to justify action to resolve complaint. Next, it should be a constructive letter that have positive statements, suggest or encourage positive action for quicker decisions. Lastly, the letter should be friendly that have considerate, cooperative and complimentary tone. This kind of complaint letter are prioritized since it shows that the writer wants to help improve the shortcomings of the service/product of the company.

Always remember that in writing a complaint letter keep in mind that most errors are unintentional, send only photocopies of receipts and other documents and retain all originals. Never threaten legal actions unless you are willing to go through with it. Avoid making generalizations and never forget to include or write your contact information like name, address, phone number and email address if desired. If you already sent them a two or three letters but still no actions have been made, send one a firm but polite complaint letter to the president or CEO of the company.


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