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How to Write Complaint Letter

writing complaint letterComplaint letters are usually written by an unsatisfied consumer to the either of the service and product of a certain business or company. In trying to resolve a complaint to a business, the first step is to discuss first your concerns to the representatives of the business and follow up with a letter confirming all the details of the conversation. Be sure to restate any assurances that is made at the time of the conversation.

In order to make an effective complaint letter, it should have a 5 features. Firstly, the letter should be precise which could be understand quickly. Then authoritative, should be well written, professionally presented with credibility and are taken seriously. Should be factual to enable reader to see immediately relevant details and to justify action to resolve complaint. Next, it should be a constructive letter that have positive statements, suggest or encourage positive action for quicker decisions. Lastly, the letter should be friendly that have considerate, cooperative and complimentary tone. This kind of complaint letter are prioritized since it shows that the writer wants to help improve the shortcomings of the service/product of the company.

Always remember that in writing a complaint letter keep in mind that most errors are unintentional, send only photocopies of receipts and other documents and retain all originals. Never threaten legal actions unless you are willing to go through with it. Avoid making generalizations and never forget to include or write your contact information like name, address, phone number and email address if desired. If you already sent them a two or three letters but still no actions have been made, send one a firm but polite complaint letter to the president or CEO of the company.


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Saving While Shopping At Walmart

5388f4585a1acdecWal-Mart Stores, Inc. is an American public corporation that runs a chain of large, discount department stores. It is the world’s largest public corporation by revenue, according to the 2008 Fortune Global 500. Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, a businessman from Arkansas. Their first store is at Rogers, Arkansas which Sam and his wife Helen put up 95% of their money. This store idea was made when founder Sam Walton was traveling the country and studying everything about discount retailing where he realized that American consumers wanted a new type of store.

They offer quality merchandise at the lowest prices in all our stores, from school supplies, to household items and top quality groceries cause price matters to customers. Their mission: Saving people money so they can live better. Their Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is composed of 5 stores that has varieties to offers to their customers. The Wal-Mart Discount Stores which has a variety of quality and value-priced general merchandise. A Wal-Mart Supercenters to meet the growing demand for convenience for a one-stop family shopping. Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets that offers a quick and convenient shopping experience for customers who need groceries, pharmaceuticals, and general merchandise. The Marketside which are small community pilot grocery stores specializing in fresh, delicious meals at great prices, and that brings the convenience, great merchandise selection, friendly service to Internet.

As a discount store that offers varieties of products at the convenience of their customers, they aim to help people to save while shopping. They can be found all over states since they have 7,800 stores and club locations. Now, anybody can shop till they drop at their closest Wal-Mart store while still saving for the future.

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Closer Look of Juniper Bank

9a11a903486d8962Juniper Bank(now known as Barclays Bank Delaware) is a privately funded Net-only bank based on Wilmington, Delaware. They initially are a full service on-line bank, offering checking and savings accounts, online bill pay, credit and debit cards where they focus on providing a state of the art online banking service. British-based Barclays Bank PLC bought the Juniper Bank on 2004. In 2005, they became the fastest growing major credit card issuer in the US and later became one of the top 10 card issuers of both Visa and MasterCard accounts.

There have been many customer complaints to Juniper Bank like some troubles on their automated system, fail to post payments of their customer on time, raising of interest without prior notice, bad customer service and etc. Since all the transaction were online there are no physical branches to visit whenever there’s a problem that may occur. Card holders with any issues and problems could contact their customer service through phone, mails and emails but some were not satisfied with the service and others were dismayed with the slow response on their problem.

They offer convenience in dealing with credit cards since their transaction were online apparently the complaints against them were tremendous however not all customers share the same bad experience as what others have gone through, see it here. Sometimes we have to be aware of what we are into and be cautious enough before we seal a deal.

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Best Way in Gaining Customer’s Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is what any business and establishments were aiming for. It is where when the customer leave with a smile on their face and a contentment on their eyes. The question there is how can the consumers be satisfied on the product and service? That question is suppossedly the prime question any business should always consider but sometimes disregarded due to lots of things to consider in keeping up the business.

The following were some tips on gaining the customer satisfaction.

  • Keep promises. Never make false promises to your customers, surely you won’t want just a one time customer.

  • Be willing to help. Being approachable gives an impression to the customers that you are more than willing to help if they needed one.

  • Inspire confidence. Show to your customers that you are confident of your product enough to solve any issues and problems that may arise.

  • Treat customers as individual. Every customer has different point of issues, problems and thoughts about your product and service.

  • Make it easy for customer to do business with you.

  • Physical aspects of product or service should give favorable impression.

  • Listen with sincerity. Listening intently to what customers has to say means you are sincere in dealing with them.

  • Always be polite. A greetings, thank you and sorry tells them that they are appreciated and of importance to you.

  • Exceed customers expectation.

You can think of other tips while the business is on progress. Getting the suggestion and feedbacks of consumer are a great help to find out how to satisfy them through knowing their needs and concerns of about the products and service. It would keep them coming back to you and would keep giving life to your business.

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Know the power of Acai Berry

Acai Berry

Do you know Acai Berry? Well for today many people believes of its power. The berry that gives a lot of benefits to our health. The Acai Berry is a color purple fruit and commonly found in the rainforest of Amazon in South America especially Brazil. The acai berries taste like grapes and they are blue berry in size. It is easily spoils and that’s the reason why before picking up from the acai tree, they manufactured as powder, juice, food supplements and many more.

The people in United States such as scientists, doctors, nutritionist and other institutions discovered the benefits of Acai Berry. They have also said that this kind of berry is very nutritious and powerful food. The berry is 100 percent natural and no side effects. They have been proven that the berry is good for our vision and digestion. The Acai Berry have powerful antioxidant content and it can easily loss weight. It also helps to build muscle in our body. Taking acai berry will makes our body healthy and energetic.

They have also found that Acai Berry fights cancer. According to the reports a study have been made in University of Florida that 86 percent of human cancer cells can be destruct by acai berry. Not only that the acai berry improves our immune system and fight disease.

Here are some benefits you will get on Acai Berry:

  • It improves the digestion.
  • It improves mental ability.
  • Have a good sleep.
  • It enchance the level of stamina and energy.
  • Fights the cancer cells.
  • It improves eye vision.
  • It improves immune system.
  • It enchances libido.
  • It is heart disease protection.
  • It fights disease.
  • It boosts up metabolism.
  • High blood pressure decrease.
  • It improves blood circulation.
  • It is a good protection for arteriolosclerosis.

I have search a lot of testimonials about acai berry. There are people survive from major diseases by the help of powerful acai berry. The Acai Berry benefits are already proven and tested. As of now acai berry is already recommended by doctors. You want to know more about it – Acai Berry.

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Treat the Customer Special

Customer complaints

When you are part of the Customer service department, we can’t avoid entertaining those difficult customers. They are customers that act arrogant when having complaints because they felt disappointed for the products or services they bought. We can’t avoid this situation it really happens.

As customer service agents don’t put your self down when you encounter this situation, it is just part of a job. Mostly the main reasons what the customer complaints about that they are feeling wrong and not satisfied to the products or services. If the customer approaches you personally and looks angry, do not show that you are not interested. It is a good idea that to treat him or her special and show that they are important.

Some of the customers are lack of understanding. For example the customers will going to have a complaint, and act they will act better than you but they don’t realize that they are wrong. The customers sometimes misinterpret situations but don’t act that you going to have a fight with him or her. Stay cool and smile! Treat them special. Let them explain for what they have experience wrong. Just say it is okay we understand.

Most of this situation happened. If ever you experience this situation be patience enough on them. Make the situation calm and explain understandable to them. Treat the customer’s special, so that they will impress and continue to support your products and services.

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How to write a complaint letter?

complaint letter

Here are guidelines to be considered to make a complaint letter especially for serious complaints.

When writing a complaint letter should be in a business letter format. You can type it and even handwritten but be sure your work it is neat and clean. Write your name, address, home and phone numbers and email address. State exactly the product or service problem. Explain it briefly and direct to the point so that the readers can understood quickly. Show respect and don’t get irritated or express any emotion in writing a complaint letter so that the reader responds positively and willing to help. Include any relevant details about the issues such as the name of the product, the date and time of purchase, location and the product or service information such as serial number, model number, price etc.

Send the complaint letter, addressed to the customer service or head office.

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